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"Barista has changed my coffee drinking for the better! It’s excellent and intuitive." JohnMKnight via the App Store

"This app is the best. It has very good guides to help you brew the best possible coffee. The timer is very helpful, with sound notifications to let you know when to pour, how much water and what your overall weight should be at that time" RealDeal via the App Store

"It takes the guess work out of making artisan coffee in your home. I had been doing chemex, V60, French press, and espresso in my home for years. But I would always forget my pour volumes..." christoperhammy via the App Store

"Simply the best coffee timer available on iOS. Clean and simple UI to enter your custom brew recipes. Support is awesome! I was having problems with the app and it was solved within a day. Well worth the buy!" hroyer via the App Store

Master brew methods

Each timer is specific to different brew methods. Choose from Chemex, Kalita Wave, Hario, and more.

Customize recipes

Manage ratios, temperature, grinder settings, and brew steps. Never forget how you got that amazing cup.

Be prepared

Learn preparation steps before you brew so when you're brewing you can focus on what's important.

Customize brew steps

Need to wait 30 seconds for a bloom? Need to pour 100g of water in 10 seconds? Create powerful, customizable steps.

Learn how to bloom

Start your timer and track bloom and pour stages. Weight is tracked so you can make a consistent cup of delicious coffee.

Track bean roast age

Coffee beans get stale. Track roast dates and flavor profiles so you know what flavors to look for when sipping on that amazing coffee you just made.

Refine and tweak

Each brew session is saved. Refine your recipe so you can get closer to that perfect cup.

Browse recipes

Don't know where to start? Browse a variety of fun recipes.

Dark Mode support

Need to stay up late? Make that delicious cup any time of the day.